Sensor-based monitoring of gait in HSP patients and implementation in everyday life

Subproject 2

Project lead: Zacharias Kohl, Jürgen Winkler (Universität Erlangen)


Scientific studies that specifically investigate the gait pattern of patients with HSP are currently lacking, although standardized and objectifiable gait parameters are urgently needed for future interventions to improve gait. In this project, the mobile GaitLab system is used in a multicenter setting to objectively measure specific gait characteristics in HSP patients and thus to measure both the course and the effects of an intervention. For this purpose, standardised gait analysis data will be collected for patients with HSP. Furthermore, a longitudinal analysis will be carried out after one year in order to create the basis for a reliable progression marker. Finally, a subset of patients will be examined before and after a treadmill intervention with the help of the gait analysis system. In the final step, the mobile gait analysis system will be used to continuously capture characteristics of gait disorder in HSP patients in a home environment.

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